Harvester header transport trolleys

By sharing our experience with our customers, we help you to make a good choice, because agood choice guarantees peace of mind for years. Reliability and easy operation allow to save time.

We offer all models and widths of trolleys, both 2 and 4 wheel, which can operate in difficult terrain.

Our trolleys are made of very strong materials therefore they are reliable.

Elements prone to friction are covered with galvanized coating to ensure extra endurance.

• Reliability based on years of experience • Safety guaranteed by CE marking • Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001 certificate • Easy operation and conservation • Construction adapted for rapeseed header extension • All models and widths • 2 and 4 wheel trolleys • Crucial elements are covered with galvanized coating

Hydraulic, electric and mechanic rapeseed extensions

A good farmer allows no waste. We have created an extension for harvesting rapeseed that enlarges harvesting set thus reducing grain loss and increasing work tempo by 30%.

By using complete Schumacher cutting system we guarantee that the extension will remain reliable for many years.

German technology also guarantees quality and aesthetic.